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About Us

Bear Loans is a specialist finance broker service based in Sydney. 

Why you should use us?

We are fully qualified brokers with accounting and taxation experience. One of our brokers has 7 years experience in the lending industry and the other has 16 years experience in the accounting industry, CA qualified and holds a taxation licence. With our knowledge combined we can help you structure your loans in the most appropriate way for asset protection and advantageous way for tax saving purposes.

Location is no boundary for us, we offer face to face meetings, skype video calls, as well as 24 hour availability with our online chat system. 

Our Values

We are very committed to our customers. We understand that the process in getting a loan can be a very stressful time, so we keep you in the loop at all stages and never keep you in the dark. 

We are committed to responsible lending and ensuring you have the right loan for your current and future needs.


We keep our commitment and relationship with you alive with our frequent check-ins and our advisory service.

Need Our Assistance? Give Us a Call Now!
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