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Are you getting the Best Loan Deal?

are you getting the best loan deal?

Finding a loan or finance can feel like a bit of a minefield, with so many products on offer and different charge or repayment structures it’s hard to compare ‘apples to apples’. Even once you’ve scored yourself a deal, there can still be that nagging doubt about having chosen the right loan for you. So where do you begin?

Does research help?

This may sound strange to ask, but does research really help? I always research something and fact-find before I begin any new project. I go to comparison websites, I look up articles, I procrastinate, and spend a lot of time before making any financial decision. Although I think it’s important and can help me to understand the bigger picture, it doesn’t always provide clear answers. I think that’s because no matter how much I research a subject, (sadly) it doesn’t make me an expert in that topic! An expert loan advisor can help to give you a deeper understating of our financial issues from their angle and knowledge. You’ll get some well-rounded advice and possibly save some time by taking advantage of this service.

Who are you and what are your plans?

Each of us are unique, we’re in a unique part of our lives, with unique plans and finances. Therefore, ‘one finance size does not fit-all’! Unlike a comparison chart or website, a great finance broker will find out all about you, before recommending any product. The best deal may not necessarily be just the lowest interest rate. Here is an example; You are ready to buy your ‘dream home’ and so you’re hunting for the best deal or lowest interest. The issue is that there are so many more nuances to a loan than just the lowest fixed or variable rate. Most mortgages won’t stay fixed for long and variable rates also change. Loans subject to possible penalties and extra charges. Counterintuitively, the loan with the highest rate may work out cheaper for you or your long-term plans. Maybe your plan is to pay off the loan as quickly as possible, or to fund investments further down the track? Either way, a broker has the foresight to help layout the best loan for your uniqueness.


This information is not to be relied upon without speaking to your finance broker, tax agent and financial adviser.

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